Our Products

We offer full-bodied, flavorful bread varieties made with the finest ingredients. You won’t find any artificial flavors or preservatives in our breads! Rather, you’ll find a taste that is actually grown through our pre-fermentation process. This might take us longer, but it brings you an undeniable body, texture, and flavor in every bite. Enjoy one of our signature bread varieties, such as Bavarian Rye, Onion Rye or Vienna. Our buns and rolls come in traditional (Butterflakes) and not-so-traditional varieties (Lucky Clovers).

Flavor and quality are the difference with our award-winning donuts. If you are in the mood for a simple pleasure, our glazed and iced donuts will melt in your mouth. Does your taste favor something different? One of our varieties, loaded with toppings, is sure to satisfy. Have a heartier appetite? We fill our donuts near the point of bursting, unlike the “spot” of filling you get at other places. No matter what type of donut you choose, you’ll experience a taste sensation in every bite!

Our cookies are the perfect-sized treat for you or to share with others. Made with fine ingredients like sweet butter, we know this is what makes a truly good-tasting cookie. We offer traditional cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar) along with specialty types such as pecan puffs, raisin bars, and hand-decorated cut outs. In addition, we have dietetic cookies to allow folks to enjoy a treat while watching their health.

On top of providing flaky danish and puff pastry rolls that come in many varieties, each is given personal attention. It takes hours of sheeting and resting to get our danish dough rich and flaky. Try one of our signature cheese pockets, schnecken, or pecan pretzel rolls to delight your appetite!

Our coffee cakes bring you the same rich and flaky danish and puff pastry loaded with scrumptious fillings and toppings. We also craft our coffee cakes to be pleasing to the eye and for sharing with others! Experience our double butter, almond pretzel, fruit alligator, cinnamon nut twist, meltaway, tea ring, or another variety of our specialty coffee cakes. You’ll be glad you did ... and, others will too!

Our cakes are made from scratch. That’s right, made from scratch! We make our icings, such as: buttercream with sweet-cream butter; chocolate using chocolate liqueur; and carrot cake with real cream cheese. Our professional decorators (did we mention award-winning?) bring the finishing touch to your decorated cake that is sure to delight your senses! Come see the special effort expressed in the beautiful flowers, cute animals, dimensional scenes, and too cute "baby cakes."

We now offer Picture Cakes! Have your photo put on a cake or choose from our expanded variety of designs to use!

Have you found that someone special to spend your life with? Then shouldn’t your wedding cake also be special? You’ll want to explore our beautiful wedding cake designs with the high quality ingredients expected on your wedding day!

We also offer the “classics,” such as brownies, éclairs, and cream horns for your personal treat or to share with others.  How about giving your dinner or party some European flair with our petit fours or baklava?  Come see our specialty items that delight and surprise on any given day!