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Holiday Items


This traditional item takes a lot of time but is well worth it.  Starting with our scratch made buttery dough we add quality nuts, seasonal spices, and fruits soaked in rum and brandy for days!  Then we carefully watch the stollen rise and bake them in authentic molds imported from Germany.  Finished with vanilla sugar, our stollen has an Old-World taste that is a gift to your taste buds.



Our scratch fruit cake batter is loaded with fruits and nuts. Then, we hand top the fruit cakes with even more fruits and nuts, to give you this classic item with a taste that can’t be beat.




We still make these hard to find cookies, even though they are labor intensive, since traditional holiday items are our specialty!  We make our rich dough with pure anise and hand press each cookie; giving them distinct flavor and detailed design.


Honey Boys

A classic treat, we hand cut and decorated our boys with motherly care, and our made from scratch dough gives you a balanced sweet spice flavor.


Pecan Divinity

It takes time (all by hand) getting the first stage to just the right temperature, mixing in the pecans, and dropping the cookies on sheets, but you’ll immediately enjoy this cookie’s divine flavor with a light and crispy texture.




We start with our rich sweet dough, top it with candied almonds, and then fill layers with swirling parfait cream.  Our beehive is delightfully versatile and can be enjoyed for breakfast, dessert, or a snack! 



We roll our frenchipan filling into rich sweet dough, add candied fruits and nuts, and then shape it into a ring.  After baking, the kopenhagen is iced and topped with candied cherries and pecans, giving it a pretty wreath look and a complex flavor.



Christmas Tree

Our butter filling is rolled into sweet dough and we add candied fruits and nuts.  Then, we hand cut and shape pieces into a tree and finish it with candied cherries, pecans, and an ornament.  You’ll see that this coffee cake is as good to look at as it is to eat!




We make our filling from scratch that is poured into our homemade crust.  Then we hand top the pie with a beautiful array of pecan halves.  Topping is laborious process, but we are willing to donate our time (really) to bring you such a stunning pecan pie for the holidays.



Our filling is homemade and uses real pumpkin and eggs (unlike starch with others) along with just the right amount of brown sugar, spices, and korinje cinnamon.  Poured and baked in our homemade crust, our pumpkin pie is a wholesome and tasteful slice of joy!



A much-requested item for the season, we use real eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla (again, not starches) to give you a simple and delicious slice of the holidays.

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